Byte Behaviour is collaborative by design. Our network of partners and associates is core to our success in designing and delivering effective programmes that drive long-term behaviour change for our clients. Together we are the Byte Beehive.

The Byte Beehive brings you access to the best minds and talent via our relationships with leading, global, education companies as well as a select pool of highly-skilled facilitators, learning designers and subject matter experts.

At the core of this exclusive group of like-minded companies and individuals, lies a shared ethos and set of beliefs, values and passions that ensures Byte Behaviour delivers the right results in the right way to address the right needs of our clients.


To be part of the Byte Beehive, all of our partners and associates must ascribe to many of the same values and beliefs that are so important and central to Byte Behaviour:

  • A passion for learning and growth: in ourselves and our clients

  • A desire to drive meaningful and long-term behaviour change

  • Human-centricity with unconditional positive regard for all

  • Multicultural not monocultural: valuing diversity in people and thought

  • Expertise shared with humility and empathy

  • Strength through collaboration and interdependence

  • Transparency and openness

  • Flexibility, adaptability and comfort in ambiguity

We demand the best from all of our partners and hold them all to the same high standards we demand of ourselves.


  • Do you want to be part of the Byte Beehive?

  • Do you share in the Byte Behaviour mission and have similar beliefs, passions and goals?

  • Do you have expertise and skills that can help people and organisations adapt and thrive in a disruptive, ever-changing digital world?

Then email and let’s have a conversation.

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